Why a Bamboo Sign is better than an Aluminium sign

A sign is a powerful marketing tool. It can be used to convey messages, inform customers and help with branding. Signs are often overlooked as they are not considered as important as other forms of marketing like social media or print advertisements. However, signs have the ability to stand out in a crowd and get noticed which makes them more effective than these previous two options. There is an array of signage that exist but one type that many never consider is bamboo signage because it’s such a unique material! This blog post will explore why printed bamboo signs are a unique and sustainable advertising option.

• Printed Bamboo signs are a quick and affordable alternative to traditional hardwood

• Affordable and sustainable

• Eco-friendly

• The perfect personalised wedding entrance sign

• Signs can be printed in 1-2 days for rush orders

• Custom colours available

• No need for a design background – we can create one just for you

• The printing process is eco-friendly and sustainable!

If you’re in the market for a new, custom-made sign and want to be environmentally friendly at the same time, bamboo may just be your best bet. Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on earth. In fact, it’s about 35x more sustainable than aluminium according to some sources! Wanting a printed design? We can help with that too! Simply follow the prompts on our website or contact us if you need assistance designing something unique from scratch. With free quotes and fast turnaround times we’ve got all your signage needs covered – even shipping Australia wide!

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