Timber House signs

For many of us, the great Australian dream is to build or buy our very own House, Home or Castle, then truly make it our special place to live. Now naming and ordering a sign for the House is possibly at the bottom of the to do list, but when you finally get there and want to add that extra special touch to really personalise your home, a premium hardwood timber sign designed by you and crafted by us is just the ticket.

Over the years we have been asked to craft many such special items and everyone has a different style, theme or look they want to achieve, and sometimes this takes a few revisions to get just right. Using our specialised design software, we provide you with a very realistic simulation of how the sign will look allowing you to lock it in exactly how you want before placing the order.

Adding a personalised house sign to your home adds sentimental value. When you are ready, submit your design request via our easy to use form, and we will reply within 1 business day with your design and price.

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