Custom Wood Engraving Service

With our wide format laser cutter we can fit 130 cm x 90 cm or one third of a full sheet of ply or acrylic, offering affordable rates for production runs.

Highly Detailed Engraving

Engrave custom pictures, text & messages on your items

Your designs or ours

Display walls, market signs, wording cut outs, the options are vast.

Display signage

Grab your customers eye with simple yet stylish signage

Offering material choices such as clear or coloured acrylic, timber ply in a few species, even thick paper, the options for what you can create using our laser cutter and experience is broad. We can also offer professional graphical design services.


The laser can both cut and etch. We can cut thinner ply panels and coloured acrylic. We can also etch onto hardwood panels.

Hardwood etching

Using our router and being able to cut the thicker materials, we can then etch designs onto a variety of panel options.

Solid colour acrylic

Available in a wide variety of colours 3mm thick. Perfect for wall ornaments

Clear acrylic

Available up to 10mm thick

Have an idea you’d like to bring to life? Drop us a line and we can price it up for you.

Please try to include as much information and any design artwork you may have to help us offer the best possible service and price for you.

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