Fathers Day Signs

Buying a great Father’s Day gift can be a challenge – as what our dads want is often a bit of a mystery.  Gift vouchers can make the decision easier but lack imagination and are quite impersonal. Coming up with a thoughtful, personalised gift idea will really show your father how much you care! One thing most dads have in common is their love of having a special area in the house or yard that is their domain – so they can rule it with an iron fist. Your father’s secret refuge could be a home office, garage, man cave, bar, shed or even the garden. The typical man is rather territorial and would love to clearly mark his dominion with a custom-made sign. After carefully handcrafting thousands of signs for Father’s Day gifts over the years, we have a good grasp of what the best custom or personalised Father’s Day signs and plaques are. Here are our most popular Father’s Day sign ideas:   fathers day signs

Fathers Day Wood Plaque

Father’s Day cards are the perfect opportunity to tell your dad what he really means to you. The problem is, once they’ve been read they’re either thrown away or stored, never to see the light of day again. If there is something you really want your dad to know, why not have a personal message engraved into a tabletop sign or wall plaque that they can display in their office or bedroom? This is a much more permanent reminder to your dad of how important he is to you.     dads shed signs

Dads shed signs (or Office or Garage Signs – wherever he spends his time!)

Some dads spend most of their time in a shed or garage and others spend most their time in an office. Either way, it’s a great idea for them to have a sign to either welcome or warn visitors that they are about to enter dad’s domain.         house signs

House Signs

Giving a house a name has historically meant that the property has some importance within the local community. However, we at Hourigan Designs know that every home is a castle and worthy of a name. With the amount of time & money many fathers spend improving and maintaining their homes over the years, they should be proud to name their home or property. Just make sure that you do a quick quality check on the spelling before it becomes official!         dads man cave signs

Man Cave Signs (Or Dad’s Cave Signs!)

A man cave is a special place where, for many, beer and banter flow freely. A lot of dad’s dream of the day their wives allow them this luxury inside the home, but many will make do with sheds or garages until that day arrives. Either way, the establishment of a man cave is a special occasion that should be celebrated – and what better way is there than a custom man cave or bar sign?       dads garden signs

Dads Garden Signs

If your Dad has a bit of a green thumb, a great way to share in his passion is having some custom garden signs crafted for him. A collection of small signs with the names of each of his plants not only makes it easier for everyone to identify their varieties but may also become very useful in his old age!           dads quote signs

Dads Quote Plaques – Fathers Day Sign Sayings

Dad jokes – who doesn’t love them? For every zinger there are bound to be at least 10 total fails. What better way to show your appreciation for your dad’s unique sense of humour than to have their favourite sayings and catchphrases engraved and on show for all to see? That way we can laugh at them even when they’re not around!         wall art sign

Wall Art

A piece of custom wooden wall art is a great addition to any home office, kitchen, man cave or even bathroom. You can have it custom engraved with almost any image of your choosing as well as a Father’s Day message. Once dad unwraps this he’ll want it to go straight to the pool room.           fathers day sign

Superhero Dad Plaque, Sign Or Chopping Board

  Unsurprisingly, the superhero dad plaque is incredibly popular. It’s a good bit of fun and every dad likes to think of themselves as a bit of a superhero – so why not indulge their dream!         beer mat

Beer Coasters

One thing many fathers share is a passion for beer. While enjoying a craft beer – or three, a personalised beer coaster can bring a smile to their dial and make the experience all the more enjoyable. You could even combine your custom beer coasters gift with a 6 pack of his favourite beer to take your gift to a new level.          

fathers day plaquePast Glory Commemorative Signs & Plaques

Remember that story your father often tells about the time he achieved an incredible victory against insurmountable odds? Every dad has a story of past glory that they like to hang their hat on. Whether it was a premiership win or 3rd place in a cooking contest, help your dad relive their triumph with a custom sign or plaque.        

Ordering A Fathers Day Sign or Plaque?

1. Design – First of all please use our custom design form to let us know what kind of sign you want. 2. Review – We will then send you a free mockup of the sign via email along with estimated delivery time and pricing. 3. Deliver – Once you have confirmed your order we will hand your fathers day sign and send it out to him as soon as possible. The last day to order your sign and have guaranteed delivery before Fathers day is the 15th August. If you have missed the date don’t worry as we will still provide you with the mock-up of the sign which you can present to your dad and we can deliver the sign directly to him when ready. Just be sure to mention that it is for a gift in the ‘additional comments’ section of the form. Alternatively, you can order a gift voucher and your father can design the custom sign himself. 10% off offer We are also currently running a 10% rebate offer for pictures of fathers showing their signs. A great opportunity to get a fantastic personalised fathers day sign or plaque at an affordable price. Check here for more details.