Extra size and shape options

When I first began making timber signs, the temptation was to offer absolutely everything possible under the sun, allowing customers to choose from nearly limitless options. In reality, the more choices you offer, the more likely you are to bamboozle the customer and lose them entirely.

So, over the course of the last 7 years, I’ve made note of what people are searching and asking for, and slowly added more items and options as I feel there is a demand for them.

Last year we only had 6 sizes to choose from, and it jumped from the XX-Large at 25 x 75 cm, to the Huge at 40 x 120, and the price jumped quite a bit too. So we drafted a few sample designs, tested the proportions, and added 5 new sizes, smoothing out the gaps between our biggest and smallest options and the price points too.

Likewise with shape options, we had initially 5 to select from, then added a very popular shape I dubbed Woodbury in response to a customer request. We’ve also done a few dog bone shaped signs, a pair of shark shaped signs plus my favourite, the arrow sign with a bite taken out of it.

Circle and Square shaped signs are another option that I noticed people starting to request more and more. Initially I resisted these requests, as a square and circle is actually a lot more work to create than you might think. We don’t need to go into the specifics, but timber is generally available in fixed sizes and we have to work within these size options to be able to offer competitive pricing.

All 3 size options

Now we are happy to say we offer Circle or Square shaped signs in 3 sizes, 30 cm, 40 cm and 50 cm width.

They are available to order now via this link

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