CNC Routering

Offering more than just personalised timber signs, we are able to engrave, profile cut and even limited 3D machining on our modest but capable CNC router.

Profile cutting

Several jobs I’ve done for my Father have been made much easier by being able to draw and program accurate profiles for whatever project he is working on. A recent one required a narrow slot machined into an American Oak ply panel he was building a TV cabinet from. Opting for a bit fancy, he crafted a tambour roll lid so the cabinet could be opened and closed with limited room available. We needed to machine the tracks into the side of the panel with a radius allowing the collective parts of the tambour to roll around without jamming.

Using some scrap material, we drew a quarter circle on the design software with a lead in and lead out, and set the machine to cut the slot. After some trial and error we found the correct width and radius to allow the parts to slide around the bend without binding. After that it was a fairly simple case of machining the full size panel remembering to make a left and right hand part.

We were also recently asked to craft this Lexus logo in American Oak, 32mm thick. We were very happy with the feed back photos we received.

2.5D engraving

It might sound odd but this type of V carve engraving is referred to as 2 and a half D engraving, as the tool adjusts depth based on the width of the lettering or vector it is following. The wider the line, the deeper the depth of cut. In this way we achieve a look and feel almost 3 dimensional.

You can see in the side shot images where the engraving is deeply carved into the timber paneling.

I’m always on time personally

A clock I made for a friend out of 19mm thick Jarrah. The design was provided in a PDF format and I engraved the lettering and numbers on the face, drilled a reference hole for the clock mechanism centre of the panel, turned the panel over and then machined the cavity for the high torque mechanism. This was a great project and measuring 50 cm diameter, quite a substantial sized clock too. I hope she is never late again.

3D machining

Although tricky to draw and program, the router is capable of machining across all 3 axis simultaneously. A recent example I did was crafting some chair bases and backs again for my Father. He did the rest, so no we aren’t a chair manufacturer, but we can handle making the backs and bases.

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