We love crafting signs but more than that we love seeing our handcrafted signs being enjoyed in homes and businesses all around Australia.

Please share with us pictures of your signs being displayed and we will happily refund 10% of the purchase price. It will be the easiest refund you ever received!


  1. Take photos of your new sign in use
  2. Write a short testimonial*
  3. Send your photos and testimonial to info@hourigan-designs.com.au
  4. We will refund 10% of the purchase price back into your Paypal account

*It is not required but we would also really appreciate if you could post your testimonial on either Google or Facebook


  • Photos must clearly show the sign
  • Photos and testimonial must be sent to info@hourigan-designs.com.au
  • Offer is valid for 30 days after item is shipped
  • Permission must be given for us to show off pictures of your sign on our website and social media
  • Rebate offer is only valid for purchases made via PayPal
  • Rebate is capped at $30